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Granite Book:

Susan Butcher's greatest sled dog

Granite: Susan Butcher’s greatest sled dog

Susan Butcher was a four-­time champion of the Iditarod sled dog race. Granite was her greatest lead dog. He didn’t start that way, though. He was a shy, scraggly pup that the others pushed around, but Susan saw his potential, and worked with him until he became leader of her team.

While training for the Iditarod, Granite became deathly ill and veterinarians said he would never be strong enough to run the race. Granite defied their diagnosis and slowly started to recover — just in time for the Iditarod . Susan, however, wondered if he could finish the entire thousand ­mile race, but Granite confidently guided her team into the lead of the race. Suddenly, a raging Arctic blizzard caught the team, and Susan and her dogs depended on Granite to get them through the treacherous storm. Granite had to call on all his inner strength and courage to save them if he could…