David MonsonDavid first arrived in Alaska in 1977, after completing a law degree at the University of South Dakota. During his 3 decades in Alaska, he has savored the Arctic experience to its fullest. Prior to establishing Trail Breaker Kennel with his wife, Susan Butcher, David spent time in various communities around the state, working in a range of jobs — many of which are unique to this great, northern land. His notable work experiences include gold mining in Eureka; working with Native Alaskans (with fisheries and reindeer management) on the Aleutian Islands; fishing king crab in the Bering Sea; working with Arctic communities to preserve their traditional way of life; and working on the famous Alaska Railroad.

In addition to his many work-related adventures, David has always been one to foster his desire for adventure and personal challenge, which often pushes him to his limits in the unforgiving wilds of Alaska. He has participated in many expeditions that have found him hiking the Chilkoot Trail; camping north of the Arctic Circle all winter long; participating in — and winning — the 1000-mile Yukon Quest sled dog race; living in a wilderness cabin with no access to utilities; mushing his dogs, by himself, from Prudhoe Bay to Point Barrow and into the uninhabited Alaskan interior; climbing in the Denali range, including Mt. McKinley, with his dog team, as part of the 7-summits expedition; and exploring the untouched wilderness using every means of transportation imaginable!

Dog Show

The Riverboat Discovery dog show at Trail Breaker Kennel

David has also devoted himself to raising funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by running marathons around the country. He established a center at Providence Hospital in Anchorage, dedicated to the care and support of children who’s parents are receiving cancer treatment.

These incredible feats have provided David with myriad stories, full of the colorful characters he has met along the way. As an enthusiastic host, he loves to take the time to share his experiences with those who visit us as Trail Breaker Kennel.